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  1. I reference this site regularly when cooking with my IP. TY!

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  4. You reference a few IP recipes from What's Cookin, Chicago ( - Could you please include the blog link on this page of helpful links? Thank you in advance!

    1. Added :-) Thanks for pointing it out. I didn't mean to omit it, I'm just having trouble keeping up. Thanks for the great recipes!

  5. I would love if you could also include my blog, The Bearded Hiker,
    since you have included a couple of my recipes as well.

    By the way, love this site. I reference it often!

  6. Added....Thank You for the recipes :-)

  7. Thanks for making this list. Please do add as well. They are doing an awesome job creating recipes !

  8. This in an amazing list. Ekovana has created original recipes exclusively for pot in pot cooking. Please add their blog link:

  9. Could we use part of one of your images as a badge on our Instant Pot forum if we credit you and your blog? We are a Ravelry Instant Pot group that shares what we are cooking, recipes, tips, etc.

  10. Hi, I just started a blog of my own, recreating recipes that I cook. Can I use some of yours with a credit to your site?
    Thank you

    1. Lindsay ~ The recipes I have listed are links to a lot of different sites. When you click on a link it will take you to the site it comes from. Credit should go to the recipe originator.

    2. This is amazing!